The Indonesian language is one of the top 6 languages in the world with 270 million people using it, and it is used as one of the official languages in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Comprised of various tribes, Indonesia has many dialects and religions.

Though schools teach the Indonesian language officially, people use tribal dialects at home or in their community. Translators must be wary of any cultural differences that each region might have in Indonesia.

The Indonesian language is extremely similar to the Malay language, so not only people can communicate with others in their languages without an issue but also their cultural sentiment is similar. Also, people speaking Indonesian like to use indirect expressions rather than direct speeches.

The correct meaning behind the words in the Indonesian language can only be truly understood after experiencing the cultural characteristics.

We have in-house translators who are native speakers of Indonesian in 1-StopKorea to provide a perfectly localized translation and we provide customized services for the clients through a thorough quality assurance system.

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