German is one of the official languages in EU, and it is a language with polished grammar, used by 100 million people throughout the world as their native tongue.

지원언어:독일어 - 원스탑코리아

Though the language is used widely within the EU, it is also used as one of the official regional languages in Paraguay and South Africa, outside of Europe.

The German language is separated into Low German dialect in the northern region and High German dialect in the southern region, and the two dialects have a lot of differences in grammar, writing, and reading.

People of northern Germany who spoke Low German accepted the use of High German, so High German is used as the official language.There are masculine, feminine, and neuter types of nouns and subsequent verb conjugation occurs for each type.

As its grammar is well-systematized, there are many rules to follow when using German.

Since German is widely used in diverse medical and chemical fields, there are a lot of requests to translate documents from a relevant field.

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